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Why mobile phones don't have lanyard holes nowadays?

Why mobile phones don't have lanyard holes nowadays?

At present, mobile phone has become our indispensable partner and tool. I believe a lot of people can't stand a day without a mobile phone. But have you noticed that the smartphone in your hand seems to be missing a small hole - a place where you can put on a lanyard with a pendant.

By contrast, or if you think about it, you'll be surprised to find that the small hole design seems to disappear quietly. So what is the reason for its disappearance? Now I'll talk about it.

1. The utility of the lanyard is reduced. Now smart phones are not only working towards the direction of intelligence, but also striving to be large screen. Mobile phone is like a small handheld computer, I believe that few people want to hang it on the chest. It seems that it should be held in the hands of all the time, hanging lanyard or decorations are slightly redundant.

2. The change of public aesthetics. There are few people who use hanging ropes or decorations. On the one hand, mobile phones do not provide lanyard holes. On the other hand, few people like hanging ropes, plush and flashing lights. These two aspects interact and influence each other.

3. The mobile phone shell is not suitable for hanging rope hole. Now the mobile phone is highly intelligent, and the frame of the mobile phone shell is mostly made of aluminum alloy. Its characteristic is that the material is lighter, but it is easy to deform. If the hanging rope hole is set, the hanging rope hole is stressed, which will make the middle frame of the mobile phone deform and affect the use of the mobile phone.

4. Follow suit design. With the rise of smart phones, Apple mobile phones have led the design trend for a long time. Many other brands of mobile phones, such as ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad, Lenovo and so on, have more or less imitated the iPhone. In this way, the rope hole design is also abandoned because of imitation and following the trend.

5. The phone case can provide an alternative. Now all kinds of mobile phone models can choose exquisite mobile phone case, it can not only protect the phone, but also let users DIY their favorite phone. More than half of the users will buy the case for their mobile phone, and most of the cases will be equipped with a lanyard hole. Therefore, the mobile phone manufacturers are very willing to hand over the design of the hanging rope hole to the mobile phone shell designer, and the two match immediately and are mutually beneficial.

Finally, let me talk about the two main reasons why mobile phones don't have lanyard holes. One is that mobile phone manufacturers are too lazy to do such a design. Lazy, disdain to do such a design, you did not hear wrong! The design of an electronic product must cater to the market and users. Designers give every design element to the product, and hope that it can become a highlight and increase the user's love. Now the setting of the hanging hole on the mobile phone is likely to be ridiculed and ridiculed by friends and users, so manufacturers are very willing to give up this design. Why not. It's not that they can't design, it's that they really don't want to work hard and please.

As well, mobile phone manufacturers want to promote the update of products as soon as possible. Mobile phone lanyard can reduce the risk of many mobile phones falling off accidentally. If there is no mobile phone tether, then a large number of users will have to replace their mobile phones or buy expensive mobile phone screens and other accessories because of falling and damage. Ask your friends how many broken screens there are. In fact, a lanyard wristband can greatly reduce the damage caused by falling. If the rope hole is not designed, the probability that people will choose the rope will be greatly reduced.

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