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What is a Badge Reel?

  • Author:GOWELL
  • Release on:2019-01-04

What is a Badge Reel?

A badge reel could be a housing or case that contains a retractile wire. This wire connects to a retractable badge holder. In its most simple shape, a badge reel is square, round,oval,custom and other shapes. It usually measures  1.25" to 1.6" in diameter and includes a belt clip on the rear for attaching the badge reel to clothes or belt.

There are different kind of clips used as the clothes/belt attachment on the badge reel. Spring clips, belt clips, and closed-end safety pins are variants of metal clips hooked the retractable badge reel to your clothes. The wire is normally 23-36 inches in length and is connected to a spring mechanism inside the casing which lets in the wire to retract while pulled.

Custom badge reels will be found however have the identical basic features as the standard badge reel. All badge reels include a housing or casing, a retractable wire, a retractable spring mechanism, a clothes attachment, and an id badge attachment and etc.

Badge reels are typically used by companies, schools, and organization. The people can pull the retractable wire to scan their ID badge for clocking in to work. You can even attach things like keys or tiny things.  Any business, school, or corporation would get benefits from using the badge reels. They will even be affordable cost means of branding. Staffs and students  would be promoting their company or school clearly by way of wearing the badge reels with that organization's brand. If you are interested in adding your brand to our reels please see our custom badge reelschoices.

Badge reels are available a spread of shapes, colors, and sizes. The reels are made from long lasting and sturdy plastic or metal. They are handy, and the cost is incredibly low. You can purchase blank standard badge reels.  The truth that they are particularly customizable makes them a unique tool for companies when used in advertising and marketing . You can print 1 color to 4 colors or full color dome sticker processing during customize production.Logos, messages, and names can be positioned on the badge reels for marketing and promotional purposes.

Your company can deliver each staff with a badge reel and build walking advertisement with a minimal cost and with practically no effort. Custom badge reels can be made as per your specification and needs.