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The Top 8 Luxury Keychains Discovery

The Top 8  Luxury Keychains Discovery

For the rich men, a simple accessory may cost much, and many luxury brands are willing to produce such products for them. When we see these products, we will realize what our wealth level is. Today I'd like to introduce some luxury brand Keyrings. When you see them, will you be surprised by their price?

08. Gucci interlocking G Keychain 

Frankly speaking, this is not the most expensive keychain of Gucci, but it's a classic keychain. It's made of pure silver material. It's filled with patterns in the design, and the clasp part is based on Gucci's logo as the design model. For such a brand as Gucci.

07 Burberry Wendy Sheep Keychain

This is a women's multi-color fabric key ring as the main accessory. There is a spring ring at the top and a key ring at the bottom. No matter from the production materials or production process, it is nothing special. Just because it is a Burberry brand。

06. Dunhill Golden Keychain

This gold key ring comes from Duke Series and comes with a ring for easy attachment of smart car keys. The combination of gold and dark leather highlights the luxury of the product. In the leather part, dunhill selects high-quality calf leather.

05.Prada Robot Keychain Pendant

For Prada's key chain, we can at least say that it is a product of exquisite design, mainly made of leather and metal. The robot's torso is made of saffiano leather, the triangular Prada logo in the middle also highlights the user's wealth, and its limbs are made of metal material, with steel key hooks and split rings.

04.Cartier Santos de Cartier Keyring

Santos de Cartier Keyring is a palladium plated handicraft, it also has a strong sense of design! The design of the whole product reflects the gene of Cartier, but it's hard to imagine whether such a keychain and accessories will look good on the body

03.Fendi lady mauve fur Keychain

This kind of hairy product may be the favorite of ladies. Designing such keychain accessories has always been what Fendi likes to do. The accessories under the key ring are made of fur. Thisfur product needs careful care to avoid exposure to the sun, rain, fire and extrusion!

02. Hermes camail Keychain

We can't imagine that the price of this 7 cm long and 11.5 cm wide calfskin keychain is more than USD1280. This is a small accessory product newly designed by Hermes. It is extremely simple and made of special materials. However, such a high price shows how high the premium of Hermes products is.

01. Louis Vuitton wide bag twist keychain

This product of Louis Vuitton (LV) can be regarded as a keychain or hung on your bag as an accessory, with a classic clasp on the top and a panda shaped mini bag accessory on the bottom. LV logo is placed in the middle, and the lower part of the jewelry is made by hand. In Lv's product library, there are about 300 Keychains more than USD2000! So Louis Vuitton is a real luxury empire