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Special Card Holder from Naqu Tibet China

Special Card Holder from Naqu Tibet China

On the first day of the new semester, many schools give new students a gift bag.

This afternoon, the teachers of yuejiawan experimental school in Dacheng, Hangzhou, welcomed the seventh grade freshmen at the school gate, and gave them two special gifts: a custom-made card holder with special implication and a student's hand-painted "guide to the beginning of epidemic prevention".

This card holder, which is made of splicing local cloth and Tibet Naqu handmade ribbon, has a poetic name - Sunrise. Hand made card is not only beauty but also with culture. It is composed of a colorful blessing ribbon and ID pocket. The colorful blessing belt has red, orange, yellow, green and blue lines, like a rainbow, around the neck and shoulder. With the concept of "three living things" as the concept, the ID pocket grows out of the impressionist style of ribbon dot color, and grows waves like stars in the vast universe. It enriches imagination and ponders the extensibility and possibility of human civilization, implying that the students in yuejiawan are "few and eager to learn, like the sunrise".

These cotton hand-made card sets come from Naqu, Tibet. There is a very warm story behind them.

It turns out that there are many women who are engaged in manual weaving of Naqu in Tibet, but their equipment is relatively backward and there are many difficulties in design and sales. In order to help them find jobs, increase their income and become rich, Ms. Zheng Finland, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of local textile technology in Zhejiang Province, set out from Hangzhou with 50 looms and led a team of 10 people to Naqu, Tibet on July 22 after a bumpy journey. Then, she led Tibetan mothers to perfectly integrate traditional culture and ethnic characteristics of hand knitting with modern lifestyle elements, helping Zhejiang Tibet intangible cultural heritage textile poverty alleviation workshop project.

"Our school is the first group to use thhis hand woven blessing ribbon." The teachers said that. This gift of special significance inherits the traditional culture, develops the traditional handicraft, and applies his knowledge and ability to serve the society and improve the society, which coincides with the spirit of "looking for the mountain" of the school. "I hope our Yuejiajun, the seventh grade freshman, can shine on the traditional culture of the motherland and warm the people of the motherland like the sunrise."