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Make Your Own Custom Wax Seal Stamp

  • Author:GOWELL
  • Release on:2020-12-10

Make Your Own Custom Wax Seal Stamp


-Our wax seal stamps are carefully made using the highest quality engraver's brass and classic handles; Vintage, Retro & Classical, with intricate designs but leaves a clean beautiful & unique imprint.

- Suitable for wedding and party invitations, gift wrapping, decorating envelopes, parcels and any creative craft projects! Used for Anti-counterfeiting in customs, security, banking, insurance, judicial departments, wine package, tea package and cosmetics package.

-This delicate stamp will add a vintage yet modern touch to your invitations or gift wrapping. Great idea to impress your audience! It's pretty cool!

- The default/standard stamp size is 25mm diameter. Available stamp sizes are 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm round Stamp

- 40 colors of sealing wax choices available.

-4 materials of handle choices available

-8 wax stamp kits available, custom packaging is welcome

-We provide 3 kinds of wax seal warmer and 5 kinds of wax spoon

-Hundreds of patterns in stock

-No MOQ requirement. The more you need, the lower the price is!

-Cheap & Fast delivery. Fedex, UPS Saver, DHL, ePacket, sea shipping, etc.

❤ How to Process the order
-Please send the file of your design (AI,EPS,CAD or PDF) to us through email. We will contact you to confirm the draft. And order will be processed after confirmation and payment.

- Black and White Line Art (black areas will be engraved, and raised after sealing)
- 6X6" Printable File (300dpi Minimum size)
- No Shadings or Colors (only black and white)
- No 3D Art
- File Format: AI,EPS,CAD or PDF
- Please send it as it is, DO NOT mirror or reserve your design

- Melt the wax in spoon on candle
- Drop enough wax on your preferred surface (paper, glass, ceramics, etc)
- Now press your stamp gently into the wax, and hold for 3-5 seconds, then remove the stamp carefully.


1.Do you offer custom engraving?
-Yes, you could contact us via message to confirm the engraving.

2. Does the seal come with the inner circle or should I include it on my image?
-On my customized seal there is no inner circle; only the logo that I provided machined into the flat surface of the disc.

3.Can we see the prototype before it's made for approval?
-Yes, you can see the prototype before you order it.