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Industry News

  • For the rich men, a simple accessory may cost much, and many luxury brands are willing to produce such products for them. When we see these products, ...--Read More>>
  • Xiaomi USB disk comes, small size, metal body, leather keychain design, 64GB, price 79 yuan(USD12). It supports USB3.0 high-speed transmission, with a...--Read More>>
  • At present, mobile phone has become our indispensable partner and tool. I believe a lot of people can't stand a day without a mobile phone. But have you noticed that the smartphone in your hand seems to be missing a small hole - a place where you can put on a lanyard with a pendant.

    By contrast, or if you think about it, you'll be surprised to find that the small hole design seems to disappear quietly. So what is the reason for its disappearance? Now I'll talk about it.--Read More>>
  • How to make a keychainRelease on2020-12-08
    What's your 2020 like? It's coming to an end, all the bad things will be in the past, look forward to the sunshine, and spend every day happily in the...--Read More>>
  • On the first day of the new semester, many schools give new students a gift bag. This afternoon, the teachers of yuejiawan experimental school in Dach...--Read More>>
  • Apple's vice president publicly admitted that the iPhone 12 design was defective and suggested that fruit powder buy a Leather Wallet(A card holder w...--Read More>>
  • ID Badge Holders are a cost-effective and useful way of safeguarding, wearing, and presenting ID cards. Offered in a number of materials compositions and styles, badge holders could be attached and worn in various ways– some are produced for use with a lanyard or badge reel,  while some work serve as wallets or attach directly to  your clothes by pin, magnet, or clip.--Read More>>
  • What is a Badge Reel?Release on2019-01-04
    A badge reel could be a housing or case that contains a retractile wire. This wire connects to a retractable badge holder. In its most simple shape, a badge reel is square, round,oval,custom and other shapes. It usually measures  1.25" to 1.6" in diameter and includes a belt clip on the rear for attaching the badge reel to clothes or belt.--Read More>>