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How to make a keychain

How to make a keychain?

What's your 2020 like? It's coming to an end, all the bad things will be in the past, look forward to the sunshine, and spend every day happily in the last time of 2020.Today, I'd like to introduce a cure key chain, which is cute, beautiful and happy.

Preparation of materials

Felt (beige, white, red, yellow), needle, thread, scissors, red ribbon, cotton filler, thermal glue and printing template.

If It's not convenient to print. You can also draw a general shape by hand according to the figure below.

Start making

Cut all parts according to the printed template graphics.

Sew the eyes
Gently trace the eyelashes with a pen, and then sew the eyelashes into the white part of the eyes.

On the front, sew eyes and hearts on the owl's belly.

Sew the two owl body parts together and leave a small opening in the head.

Stick the ribbon cord to the inside of the head

Fill the owl's stomach with cotton stuffing.

Close the top opening.

Then paste the owl's mouth, wings and feet.

Finally, find a key ring and install it. One cure owl keychain is done.