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Bohemian style The Devil's Eye Tassel Keychain

Bohemian style The Devil's Eye Tassel Keychain

The eye of the devil, also known as the eye of Turkey, in Swarovski, Miranda Kerr's original intention of design is to give good luck to the loved one!

Although the name sounds a bit evil, in Turkish, it has a good meaning to drive away all evil things! It can be used not only in necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, but also in keychains!

Compared with the traditional devil's Eye Silver and blue color matching, the original design boldly adopts color and color contrast, so that it no longer looks low-key and elegant silver white, but full of young colors of bright orange and dazzling yellow

And the big round blue eyes, compared with the eyes of the traditional devil's eye, occupy a lot of space, but it looks more flexible and interesting

Perhaps, this is also in the way of a young man, more clearly and happily to receive the good moral of the devil's eye!

Colorful cotton thread fringe.

And below the eye of the devil, with colorful cotton tassels, full of strong Bohemian style

Cotton thread tassels have a soft and natural texture. Colorful cotton thread tassels are fashionable and very gorgeous

At the same time, with a trace of wildness and charm, people have no resistance!

And that bright color devil's eye matches, really ascends extremely! It's like a pair of golden children and beautiful girls, set off each other, but complement each other.

Three colors available: orange, blue and black.

It is also such a colorful tassel. The original design also has three colors: orange, blue and black

Relatively speaking, orange is the most bright and conspicuous, more suitable for some high-profile, or cheerful personality of women.

Black color is not as dazzling as orange color, but it is also colorful. It's a reduced version of orange.

And the blue color, is a little more calm lake blue, combined with dazzling color, showing a special blue color beauty!