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Apple iPhone 12 Will Cause Some Cards Degaussing

Apple iPhone 12 Will Cause Some Cards Degaussing

Apple's vice president publicly admitted that the iPhone 12 design was defective and suggested that Apple Fans buy a Leather Wallet(A card holder with MagSafe) .

The Apple 12 series of mobile phones, released in October this year, went viral on the entire network, with sales reaching 9 million in the first week. In the eyes of the majority of fruit fans, the advantages of Apple 12 are too many to say. The first is that it pays tribute to the classic design, which makes people dream of Apple 4S, which touched countless people for a while; secondly, as the first Apple supporting 5G communication Mobile phones have already given consumers enough surprises.

In addition, the performance of the A14, which is once again leading the first generation of chips, is absolutely the first in the world, and it is even more unstoppable. Finally, significant changes such as three-camera change to four-camera, running memory increased to 6G, etc., let people see Cook in Apple 12 efforts made on the body.

It has been officially confirmed that such defects will not affect strong magnetic cards such as credit cards, but it does have an impact that cannot be ignored on access control cards and hotel room cards. The official also gave its own solution to this. On the one hand, it reminds that items such as credit cards, passports or key fobs should not be placed between the iPhone and the MagSafe charger, which may damage its magnetic stripe or RFID chip.

In order to prolong the battery life, when the battery temperature is too high, the charging may be limited to 80% or more. On the one hand, I tell everyone to buy a newly launched MagSafe leather card case worth 479 yuan, which can effectively isolate the magnetism and completely solve the above problems.

However, according to feedback from netizens, although the MagSafe leather card case can avoid the degaussing problem, it cannot wirelessly charge the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro with the MagSafe leather card case connected. How to do it? Apple has launched the MagSafe transparent protective case specially designed for iPhone to solve this big problem.

In other words, if APPLE fans wants to solve the above two iPhone 12 series MagSafe charging problems, you need to buy a USD59 iPhone-specific MagSafe leather card case, but also a iPhone-specific MagSafe transparent protective case at a price of USD49.