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A leather USB disk keychain by Xiaomi

A leather USB disk keychain by Xiaomi

Xiaomi USB disk comes, small size, metal body, leather keychain design, 64GB, price 79 yuan(USD12).

It supports USB3.0 high-speed transmission, with a maximum reading speed of 124mb / s, and can complete the transmission of a 3gb high-definition movie in less than 30 seconds. From then on, it says goodbye to the slow progress bar and saves time and effort.

In terms of appearance ID, the body is made of zinc alloy, plus electroplating process, which makes the appearance of the body elegant and aesthetic; in addition to the high appearance value, the metal shell has the advantages of wear resistance, rust prevention and fast heat dissipation, which is still firm and exquisite for long-term use.

The leather keychain with head layer is soft and can be directly hung on the key or bag, which greatly reduces the chance of accidental loss of USB disk and makes important data more secure. After use, the rope can be pulled out safely by pulling the rope gently, which is simple and convenient.

UDP integrated packaging technology can effectively prevent the damage of external environment such as water splash and dust on the U disk. In addition, the U disk also has the characteristics of shock resistance, compression resistance, high temperature resistance, and multiple protection, so that your data and data are more secure.